19th August, 2020

A while ago I wrote Staticman for Swift, which I subsequently re-wrote as ContentMachine for JavaScript, because I had no real work to do with Swift and my entire world surrounded itself by JavaScript in one way or another and so I thought it might make more sense for me to write my pet projects in JavaScript as well. The only reason I wrote Staticman back then was to try out what server-side Swift is like. I even wrote a very simple (pretty much 1-to-1 with this site) blog engine on top of that with Vapor.

The thing is as I get older I realize that languages are pretty much all the same. They sort of break into two distinct families, those based on C and those based on Lisp (or secretly lisp, at least, I'm looking at you Elixir). Once you have sufficient experience with either of the families you'll be able to pick up any derivative of that family in a quite short time.

For most of my near-10-year career I've worked with C family languages, such as PHP and JavaScript, but for the last 2 years I spent writing Clojure, and thus I feel for me it no longer matters that I keep my skills honed to the T by also writing all my pet projects in the same language or with the same tools as I do at my day job because I have sufficient knowledge in what makes up most of each family and the quirks of each specific language are really not that hard to learn.

Anyway, lately I've been very much into building iOS apps with SwiftUI. It's a thing of beauty, and as such I've been completely submerged in the world of Swift again, which has made me realize it is quickly becoming my favourite language for one reason or another. I might just even re-write this site again in Swift (it's currently running on JavaScript with the help of Node.js).

I don't know how much of this is due to the fact that I'm also entirely in the Apple ecosystem bubble, I'm sure quite some of it is due to that, but hey, live and let live. Oh and, I'll have a iOS app coming out soon, so that's cool because it will be my first one. Not my first attempt, but hopefully the first one to actually land in the App Store.

Update 2020-09-01: I have re-written Staticman to be better and more flexible, and have called it Farm, which now runs this site as well. I'll be keeping Staticman up for historical purposes.