17th September, 2020

It feels to me like time is just speeding up the further along in life I get in terms of age. Just two more years until the big thirty, but I'm not scared of it just yet. My twenty-seventh year on this planet has been nothing short of adventurous. To the point that I'm beginning to wonder if laid-back tree-hugging lifestyle can even exist for me at all. Not that I would want to, but I wouldn't mind if things were a little less adventurous at times.

I've done another year of work for GreenPowerMonitor, which is what I said I wanted to do in my last post. I've recently switched teams there and no longer mainly do Clojure, but TypeScript instead, which has brought me some of that sweet new-tech magic feeling and challenges to overcome. And I absolutely adore challenges.

I got married in October of last year, which means I have an anniversary coming soon! The marriage is going awesome. I feel like with every month that passes, it just gets better. But more so than the marriage, it's just incredible to have a Robin to your Batman, or Batman to your Robin, depending on the day.

In terms of health, there's good and bad news. The good news is I'm physically more active than ever and that my eating habits have also never been this good. Physically, I feel awesome. Most of the time, at least. Mentally however I struggle with anxiety disorder nowadays, it sort of started becoming a thing at the end of last year and now is a daily part of my life. I take pills for it and those help, but proper treatment course is still to come and that's going to be a long road to walk from what I gather.

Oh and, I now sport glasses, so my vision has started it's slow decline. I'm doing all I can to keep it from declining more, but I do need help reading text these days.

In my last post I mentioned that I'd never had any personal savings thus far, and that I intended to change that. Well, I did. I finally have some personal savings! I got to say, the peace of mind that comes with that is just unbelievable. I urge everyone out there who don't yet have any savings to start collecting some whenever possible.


As for the twenty-eight year of my life, I want to focus more on indie app development. I don't know much about that world, but the idea of creating small yet mighty apps and selling them for peanuts as a single developer just sounds somehow so appealing to me. So, I want to do that and see how that goes. Not just for the money, clearly I'd be building apps that I myself also use.

I'll probably do another year at GPM. The place is still, to me, a fulfilling place to work at and everybody is so laid back and nice I really have no complaints.

I'll also be moving back to Barcelona, Spain with my wife. We've decided that the climate of Estonia isn't exactly what we want and the people, my people, can be quite cold at times. We got so use to the much friendlier vibes of Spain that we want to go back to that part of Europe. We'll try to make the move happen in February or so of next year by latest. It's quite an undertaking I must say, especially in the times of a pandemic.

I also hope to get my anxiety under control much more, increase my working out pace gradually and become Hulk (kidding) as well as improve my eating habits even further as I'm making health more and more of a priority getting older. It's all for a good cause, to squeeze as much juice out of this life as I possibly can, because even with its twists and turns, life is awesome.